Acrylic Picture Frames

Wall mounted perspex frames bring a clean, modern visual to any space. Your own image can be printed & acrylic framing comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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What Are Art Panels?

Art panels (our name for Perspex/Acrylic picture frames) bring a clean, modern visual to any space. They can be made in almost any size and give extra depth to the colours. With the way they float slightly away from the wall visitors will always look twice.

This can be a very cost effective alternative to a traditional frame.

I started using Art Graphics six years ago. These guys are the best framers in the UK, they focus on my needs and always deliver.
Lincoln Townley

Features of Acrylic Panels

Here are some of the key features you get from acrylic panels

Distraction Free

Acrylic panels are a clean way of presenting prints and photographs that lets you appreciate the artwork in the purest form.

Highly Economical

This framing technique is often used for modern spaces, large orders and signage because of it's low cost compared to traditional framing.

Cricket Bat in acrylic box

Acrylic Options

Acrylic is naturally 70% UV resistant, 50% lighter than glass and incredibly tough to break, making it an ideal replacement to glass if preferred. Higher grade acrylic options include full UV resistance, anti-static or anti-reflective coatings.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

Makes Colours Pop

Acrylic naturally enhances print colours, adding an organic vibrancy to the images.

Vintage cinema poster

Shadow Gap

The acrylic can optionally sit slightly away from the wall, adding depth and catching the eye.

The framing of my piece has really made a statement in our new home, for a price that was unrivalled by any local competitors.
Alexander Wilson

Examples of acrylic panels

Browse 1,652 images from past projects, including many acrylic panel ideas to give inspiration for your next project.

The only museum quality framers we’ve found outside London.
Chris Brooks
Gallery Owner

Why Use Us For Acrylic Picture Framing?

Art Graphics have made beautiful frames for me for over 20 years.
Lou Moore

We've Supplied Perspex Picture Frames To Companies Like...

Thank you so much - they look great and I am sure my client will be thrilled. The quality is superb too - I am very pleased with them, so thank you and your team for their hard work on them.
Sarah Glenn
Atelier Nine
Suitable For

What types of artwork can acrylic panels be used for?

AcrylicMetal & Wood Frames
3D Object
Digital File
They are framers with a truly artistic eye and understand how to compliment artwork with colour, space and the right profile.
Helen Robinson

How Are Wall Mounted Acrylic Frames Made?

  • 3mm aluminium composite
  • Over lamination
  • Can be cut to any shape or trimmed to size
  • Can be drilled if needed
  • Available in very large sheet sizes

This sheet material is relatively lightweight compared to its strength. It is rigid & will not warp with thermal expansion. Stable enough to use in sunny rooms or for external purposes. it can be used in permanent mounting applications where stability is required. A sub frame is usually added for fixing purposes & to give depth from the wall.

We have recently completed a project to create a series of large photographic panel portraits. The original photographs were quite small at A4 size, and they were to be blown up to 4’x6’, Giclée printed to art paper and bonded to aluminium composite panels. Following further discussions with the client, it was decided to add aluminium frames & specialist anti-reflective glass to the photo panels. (Pics of Rupert’s frames & photos – photo with them stacked up & an implication of a set of them – best one to the front)


Printed artwork can also be bonded to PVC sheet Foamex, or to foam board. Kapa foam board is the best quality polyurethane core, covered in card on both sides. It is a lightweight and yet rigid mounting board, extremely suitable as panel material, and can be framed or used as a temporary display board.

How It’s Made?

  • 5mm or 10mm panel thicknesses
  • Adhesive layer
  • Matt over-lamination as required
  • Trimmed to size
  • Working with Lincoln Townley economical substrate, and is often the best choice due to its light-weight, easy-cut & paper-faced characteristics.
  • Commercial wall panels
  • Suitable for large wall panels

Working with the artist & marketer Lincoln Townley, we have assisted in the production of a series of large printed art pieces bonded to foam board, with an addition of a minimal black inset profile. These icon pieces travel widely to exotic & far-flung locations alongside the artist. We usually work at batches of these limited edition prints, with Lincoln visiting frequently to give moral support & guidance on finishes. Many of the larger Hilton Hotels currently have Lincoln’s Limited Edition print panels & originals on show.

A local established furniture warehouse & retail department approached us for a storyline panel to tell the story of their history to present day for an exhibition stand that they needed for the Manchester Ideal Home Exhibition. This was fun to be part of & a learning process for us too – we discovered new things we didn’t know about our favourite local company.
Following the exhibition, the panels were installed in Arighi’s own Cafe.

Further Details

The prints can be bonded to the reverse of acrylic, bonded to the surface of aluminium or DiBond, or bonded to the surface of Foamex or foamcore.

Art Panels are printed images sitting behind (and bonded to) a rigid, transparent board for strength. They can be used for displaying art, information or branding.

The bonding process is non-reversible, so we don’t recommend doing this to original art. It’s almost always used with printed images as they can always be re-printed if required.

You can use them as standalone panels, or spread a large image across many panels to fill a whole wall with graphics.


An acrylic art panel is Giclée printed art bonded to the reverse of 5mm acrylic using an invisible adhesive layer, a backing of DiBond & a sub frame for secure fixing at large sizes.

  • 5mm acrylic panels
  • Optically clear adhesive
  • Artwork viewed through clear acrylic, enhancing colour
  • Artwork face mounted to clear acrylic
  • Giclée printed image
  • Aluminium composite backing
  • Aluminium sub frame for security fixings

This has to be our favourite way of displaying artwork without a frame. It takes a deal of skill to produce, but yields an excellent looking image. The result is a very contemporary & minimalist treatment of artwork & is not suited to all art types. We strongly believe that the
Addition of space or shadow to an image is key; with acrylic panels, a shadow is created by distancing the product from the wall to create a soft shadow behind. This is created with the addition of a hidden batten or sub frame.

We are currently creating a series of vintage design posters for a pub refurbishment. The client has specified acrylic panels as they have been delighted previously with these. The
Project involves a series of posters in a range of sizes, involving the whole workshop from design studio – to print department – to acrylic panel bonding section.

We are also completing a series of panels for a pharmaceutical company using their own artwork. These are acrylic panels with DiBond backing & aluminium sub frame for security fixings.


In this case, a printed image is bonded to the face of an aluminium composite sheet material. This is a double layer of 0.3mm aluminium sandwiching a black polyethylene core to a depth of 3mm. The face of the print can also be matt laminated for durability. Aluminium sheet is perfectly smooth and ideal for glossy or satin photography papers.

They frame everything for me and I put them down to a big part of my success as an artist and businessman. They have always bent over backwards to help me, they even assist my shows by hanging and delivering my paintings to site.
Lincoln Townley

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It was the communication from ArtGraphics that really set them apart from the competition. I had a lot of concerns about the framing of a blanket as I knew it was a tricky piece to get right. They talked me through every step of their process.
David Wilson