Surface Finishes The Finishing Touch

You've chosen your frame, and have an idea of the colour and tone, but how does the surface finish make a difference?


We love the surface finish part ...

This is where everything starts coming together and the 'WOW' factor kicks in.
You get the option to tweak the frame that little bit further to enhance the art or reference a theme or decor. We have tried and tested surface finishes for each material that add to our craftsmanship in all other areas. Playing with patination and metal for example is glorious, and we hope our passion for this subject shines through to the finished product.

  • Brushed

    A lovely finish on either brass or aluminium, giving the effect of a unidirectional brushed texture. This is often paired with a black internal or polished face on tray frames.

  • Burn Back

    Gives modern rustic aesthetic with deep texture and ageing effects. The process involves carefully burning the wood. Ash or obeche wood has the best grain effect for this technique.

  • Corten

    A beautiful natural process of ageing steel, corten gives an organic-like ebb and flow of oranges and caramel. This unique finish is created though a careful chemical reaction on wood and metal. The result is a natural rust which is then sealed with clear lacquer to protect it.

  • Gesso

    A traditional method of preparing a frame surface for paint, gilding or custom finishes. Can be applied to wood, metal and even paper mounts. The craftsmanship and secret recipes involved create a stunning finish that speaks for itself. Taken further, the gesso can be cracked and crazed, with stains and leaf applied to the cracks to accentuate, then waxed to seal. The finished result has a delicate ceramic-like touch, or feels leathery when waxed.

  • Gilding

    After laying a gesso base, gilding can be applied using leaves of many metals, including gold, silver, bronze, copper & aluminium. This gives a luxury finish with a huge range of custom styles including patination, scuffing, rub through and burnishing. There are water-gilding and oil-gilding processes available depending on what is needed.

  • Hand Painted

    Your profile can be expertly painted in any colour required to match your artwork or environment. This cost-effective finish can be further enhanced with techniques such as stippling, veiling, patination and distressing.

  • Patina

    A chemical finish added to the metal causing a reaction which creates a tonal, graduated finish. This can be light or dark.

  • Polished

    A reflective, bright finish achieved through an extended process of fine sanding to ensure that you are left with a mirror feel.

  • Sprayed

    Spraying is our most popular finish, with benefits including invisible frame corner joins on metal profiles, a smooth high quality effect and a choice of colours and glosses. It gives contemporary museum quality to any artwork.

  • Staining

    A versatile option that can be used to enhance grain, add colouring and even out natural surfaces. This is best used on natural woods.

  • Verre Églomisé

    In French it means "glass gilded". The glass has gold/silver leaf applied to the reverse to create a variety of pleasing effects such as an aged patina or smoky clouds. The result is presence and character for your mirror.

  • Waxed

    We use wax when sealing raw wood, enhancing the grain and natural colours.

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