Framing Services For Artists

Some of the benefits we can provide to artists...

Acrylic box for art on paper

Guaranteed delivery date

Often you'll need assurances about when the frame will be finished. You might have an exhibition date, have promised a client the work they purchased by next week - or simply want peace of mind.We have a custom built software solution for scheduling work based on our actual capacity. After talking with you and considering any special requirements or deadlines you have, we can both agree on a date. We guarantee your frame will be completed by this date. It's as simple as that. Our software keeps track of everything so you won't "slip through the cracks". By default it will be available to collect from our workshop. If delivery, installation or couriers are required we will have already discussed this and can keep you updated of the progress as we go.

Polished face tray frame for art on ply board


We like doing things the right way, and we enjoy our work. It's just better when the sealing tape on the reverse of the frame is neat and trimmed. It looks better when a frame is hand finished and sanded properly, giving it the time and care it needs. When the corner of a frame isn't at 90 degrees, it's not acceptable to us.

Sanding the edge of a profile

Fully bespoke

Artists are one of our most demanding sectors. It's your artwork so you're naturally protective over it and want it enhanced and displayed to exacting specifications.We can create any design, shapes and finishes you want. For more details read our page on bespoke picture framing. It digs into many of the finishes, constructions methods and considerations involved.

Beech box frame painted white

Frame refit & image swapping

Some artists will see elements in their artwork that have to be added, even after it's been framed. If you can't help but break into the frame to add finishing touches that's ok. We can refit the artwork into the frame.Other times galleries have accidentally scuffed or dented a frame, and we can repair these issues for you as well.Finally you may create a new piece of work and want to use an existing frame. We can swap these images over for you. This can be a particularly budget friendly way of making use of a frame you already have while you have it displayed in a gallery for sale.

Floated print in small white box frame

Conservation quality

As you decide on how your work should be framed, it's usually a balance of cost, presentation and protection.In all cases we use conservation quality materials when creating a frame for you. This means that the materials that come into contact with your work are PH neutral. The acid present in some mount boards, MDF and some woods can break down inks, promote fungus growth or cause staining. This is of course unacceptable to us, so whatever your balance of priorities - your work will be respected.Artists will usually want protection of their artwork to be the main concern. This can involve:

  • Using special glazing to shield your artwork from UV rays and prevent breakages

  • Over-spec’ing the frame construction to guarantee it will survive international travel

  • Using security hanging systems to make sure your work stays on the wall

For the presentation side of the coin it really comes down to your visual preference and what suits the art. There are more details about the options available for each framing type elsewhere on this site.Finally your budget determines to what level you take the protection and presentation aspects of your frame.

Splined corners on a stained wood box frame


We have a special art insurance contract that protects your work. Whilst it's in our workshop, it's completely under our care and we take responsibility for it. Our premises has 2 oversized security doors, sophisticated alarm with police call out, hard-wired heat detectors and 24 hour camera coverage. Your work is safe with us.

Welded aluminium box frame spray finished in black with 10% sheen

Anti-reflective & UV protection glazing

Standard glass has a green hue because of the high iron content and is very reflective; and if it breaks it can damage your artwork.So wherever possible we recommend considering a better glazing product. Acrylic is best if you want zero chance of breaking. This is good for transport or public areas. Also acrylic has to be used for really large picture frames as glass simply gets too heavy at this scale.In general, an anti-reflective glass is the best option for most work. It offers a good level of UV protection and almost completely removes reflections. The effect is very impressive and gives the piece a magical feel. If the work will be displayed in gallery or other area with strong spot lights or harsh sunlight - this is the way to go.

Brushed aluminium tray frame for canvas art

Order drill back

We touched on our capacity planning software above but there's more to it. Each quote, invoice and production job is tracked. When you get your frame it will have a custom sticker on the reverse. This shows you the main materials used, the dates and also an order tracking number. This is very useful as artists often call us and can request a frame "the same as #75893 but in grey instead of black".This system saves time and ensures we're both on the same page with regard to what happened and what you want next.

Beech box frame for photographic art

Direct consultation with lead framer

If you have a technical question about a frame you're considering you can talk directly to the lead framer.Simon can advise you on particular finishes, construction methods and glazing properties. Many artists will talk with Simon to see what their options are for an unusual work they've just created. Simon can draw on his experience to suggest ideas about unique presentation methods, frame design ideas or anything else you're considering. 

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