Framing Services for Galleries

Some of the benefits we can provide to galleries...

Guaranteed Delivery Date

Weather we're delivering to your gallery or a client, when we agree a date we'll stick to it. We've developed an in-house capacity management system to accurately plan how long each complex job will take.

Framing Processes Tailored To Budget

The materials and processes used to display a piece of art should be tempered by the sale price of the art. We both run businesses and can appreciate the need to tweak the frame composition to achieve budget requirements.There are many options for reducing the cost of a frame by changing or removing certain elements from its make-up. Not every frame needs high end, museum quality Optimum acrylic. In many case standard or anti reflective acrylic will suit the art perfectly.When we've discussed your needs and given you a quote, just let us know if you'd like other options presented.

Oversized Framing

Many of the oversized frames we produce are for galleries. You tend to have more space to showcase really special, large works of art. These large pieces really create an impression and fit perfectly in larger homes.We can expertly frame your art in our workshop using the techniques and equipment we've built up over the years.

White Label Service

Many galleries in the UK do framing themselves. We appreciate this and are very happy to work with you to help fill in any product gaps you might have. For example, oversized framing and specialist finishes are something few galleries are able to do on-site.The work we do can be supplied without labels or branding to your gallery. We're able to supply bespoke frames through you so you can hand them over to your buyers. Or you can send clients to us for framing directly.

Art You Own

You may be buying in art to resell. In some cases you'll be able to sell the work unframed but most of the time clients will need to see examples of the framed pieces to give them an idea of what the finished product will look like.

Buyer Wants A Frame Change

Sometimes a buyer will love a piece of artwork but need a different colour or style of frame to suit their interior. We can help here. The existing frame can be modified (e.g. resprayed in a different colour) or replaced and delivered directly to the client if required.


All your artwork is fully insured whilst in our workshop by Lloyds of London. It's worth asking other framers if they have insurance for the actual value of your artwork. We've found most framers sadly lacking in protecting artwork in this way.

Order Drill-Back Systems

If you're not using the white label service, each frame we supply will have a special label on the reverse. It shows a unique order number, the creation date and details about the materials used in the frame.This lets us pull up details about that specific frame to refer to in the future. This lets you request things like "order 48363 but with a black instead of white frame". It saves time and puts us both on the same page with regards to the product details.

Delivery & Install

We're happy to deliver completed artwork to your gallery or arrange collection of artwork ready to be framed. We also use couriers in certain circumstances.You're also welcome to have artwork delivered to our workshop, either by yourself or directly from a supplier/artist. 

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