For the hospitality industry we usually supply:

  • Stretched canvases with art we source

  • Informational images (for events, signage etc)

  • Acrylic art panels

Some of the benefits we can offer for these product types are...

Guaranteed Delivery Date

When we agree a date we'll stick to it. We've developed an in-house capacity management system to accurately plan how long each complex job will take.

Security Fixings

In a public space it's important that the fixtures and fittingsĀ are of contract quality. We can supply framing that will withstand much heavier use than normal. It depends on the type of product and where the art will be displayed. We will default to this secure fixing however please let us know if you need another solution.

Suit To Time-Frame & Budget

The materials and processes used to display a piece of art should be tempered by both the project's budget and the timescale involved. We appreciate the need to tweak the frame composition to achieve budget requirements.There are many options for reducing the cost of a frame by changing or removing certain elements from its make-up. Not every frame needs high end, museum quality Optimum acrylic. In many cases standard or anti reflective acrylic will suit the art perfectly.For example, acrylic art panels are a long-lasting, appealing option for public environments. They can cost much less than a traditional bespoke frame.When we've discussed your needs and given you a quote, just let us know if you'd like other options presented.

Visuals Of Art In-Situ

To get a feel for what your chosen art and framing will look like in place, we can create composite visuals for you. This can be useful to share with colleagues and managers when deciding if the details are right for your space.If you send us good quality images of the space where artwork is to be hung we can do this for you.

In House Large-Format Printing

We can provide signage, information display posters and art panels from our in house 60" HP printer. This is a professional Giclee printer. It uses inks that stay vivid for 100 years and prints extremely sharp, appealing images.We can develop graphics for you or print your own digital files.

On Site Consultation

To discuss your project we can meet you on site if easier for you. This can be useful for us to absorb the environment and pick up on any hidden details you may not be aware of with regard to the framing.

Custom Image Sourcing & Design

There are 3 options for artwork sourcing:
  1. You can supply us with art or images

  2. We can source art images or prints to your requirements

  3. We can create custom digital artwork to suit your space

Please let us know which of these options you're interested in exploring.

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