Commercial images for an engaging environment

Most of the work we do for workplaces are prints. This has several advantages in commercial environments:

  • We can print your images, or artwork we source based on your spec. This is done in house on our 62 inch HP Giclée printer.

  • If a new scheme is required for your office, or any serious damage occurs the same image can be re-printed in the future.

  • High quality art prints are more cost effective than original pieces. Doubly so if you choose canvas prints, which won't require glazing. Even a frame is optional as "raw" canvases can look great in office spaces.

Some of the services & benefits we can provide are mentioned below...

2D Visuals

If you send us photos of the space you're thinking of displaying artwork in we can send back visuals. This means we can provide options for different types of image or framing we've discussed and present them in your photo.This is a great way to get a feel for what the office space will look like. In a workplace environment all the key stakeholders can get on the same page and sign off on the idea at once.Please let us know if you're interested in these visuals.

Mood Enhancing Effects

There's a big difference between working in a sterile white office and one with artwork on the walls. We're not robots, and a little colour can go a long way to enhancing mood in the team or making a vacant office space more saleable.A few of the benefits of using artwork in office environments are:

  • It helps break up large plain walls and gives the eye a focus point

  • Can reinforce the distinction between difference areas. Colour psychology can be used to great effect here. For example reds, yellows and oranges in the reception to create dynamism and a strong first impression. Calming earth tones (blues, greens, browns) in break and rest rooms.

Installation Service

Most workplaces prefer to have us install the artwork. If you've got in-house people who can do this, then perfect. We can help give hanging instructions and help over the phone if required.Otherwise, here are a few points about our installation service:

  • We can arrive at a specific time of day or night to ensure minimum disruption

  • Any area we touch will be left clean and tidy as we found it

  • We can complete your risk assessment documents if required

  • Our install team is insured when on site in your building

Style & Colour Sourcing For Art Images

After specific colours, shapes or emptions? Maybe you need images to tie in with your companies branding.Whatever your requirements we can source images to match them. Please let us know if you'd like a selection of images presenting to you.

To Suit Your Budget

If you have specific restrictions in your budget we're happy to help. For example, if you need 30 framed images for your building we can play with the materials to reduce the cost. Using normal glass instead of anti-reflective, ready-made profiles instead of hand finished ones and compromising on the image size can all help a project come in under budget.

Guaranteed Delivery Date

When we arrange a date your frames will be ready, we stick to it.We've developed our own capacity management and work scheduling software in-house. Your project is tracked every step of the way and we know exactly when it will be finished.

Commercial Quality Frames

Whilst workplace environments aren’t always like public spaces, the frames will need to be produced to a higher quality to withstand more people.How the robustness of the products are improved depends on your project, but here are a few possibilities:

  • Using acrylic instead of glass for safety.

  • Adding a rigid board beneath the canvas material before stretching to stop people poking the canvas.

  • Varnishing a printed canvas image after stretching. This gives extra protection when cleaning. Deep blacks are often vulnerable to scratching without varnishing.

  • Security fixings can be used to ensure the frames or canvases stay on the wall. This stops possible theft, but is more useful to stop accidental knocks from damaging the frame.

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