Professional, on-time delivery of any sized artwork

We’re happy to work with you to collect and deliver your artwork and the finished, framed product. Please let us know what your requirements are.


To give you an idea of how delivery of frames works, below are several options.

Receiving your artwork (before framing)

  • You can drop the work off at our workshop in Bollington, Cheshire
  • You can send the work by courier, or we can arrange a courier collection for you

Returning the finished product (after framing)

  • By arrangement we can deliver completed artwork to your location. We can delivery through an artwork courier service or our door to door insured courier.
  • You’re welcome to come and collect the finished pieces from our workshop.


If you require the finished work to be sent internationally, or it will be touring several locations, we can supply a crate to house the work. It will be custom built for the number of pieces you’re moving and made from wood certified for international travel.


If you’re sending artwork to us there are standard ways to package various shapes.


Where possible artwork should be rolled into a thick, secure shipping tube. Try and ensure that the length of the artwork matches the tube to minimise any sliding during transit.

Flat Art, Unroll-able

In cases where the artwork can’t be rolled it can be sandwiched between 2 layers of 5mm foam-core or other rigid material. So long as the shape can’t be easily bent it should be safe to send to us.

Small Objects

Wrap in lots of tissue paper or bubble wrap, and send in a cardboard box. For particularly fragile items it’s often best to deliver them in person. If they must be posted you can package them carefully, then package that box into a second box with more bubble wrap.

Large Objects

If the artwork is particularity large, please contact us to discuss options. We can either collect the piece from you or arrange a special courier shipment.


When your artwork is in our workshop it’s fully covered by our insurance, we will just need to confirm a few details with you before the work is insured. If you’re sending pieces by courier please ask them about insurance options.